• On the Association’s first official meeting on November 22, 1915, a lecture is given about theatre in France during the Middle Ages. Initially, the Alliance’s cultural activities consist of conference revolving around France’s history, literature and heritage. In the 1920s and 1930s, the topics become more diversified, the pool of speakers expands and the lectures start taking place in various Winnipeg venues such as the Hudson Bay store, the Marlborough Hotel, the Fort Garry Hotel and the University Women’s club. Further, this initial cultural component is amplified with musical evenings and theatre plays, often present at the Théâtre Cercle Molière and the University of Manitoba’s French Club. For the first time in 1938, the Alliance française du Manitoba presents films featuring French actors.

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  • François Lentz

    On the cultural movement

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    Mamadou Ka and Ibrahima Diallo

    On the Festival Afrik (2009-2010)

  • Dominique Laporte

    On the history of cultural activities

  • Farandole Project

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    Dave Barber

    Winnipeg Cinematheque

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    Geneviève Pelletier

    Director at Cercle Molière Theatre

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    4th Alliance Française French Film Festival (2018)

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    Blues Blanc Rouge (2018)

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    Discothèque sur Glace (2018)

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    5th Alliance Française French Film Festival (2019)

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    Nuit des Idées (2019)

  • Cercle Molière Theatre

    In continuous operation since 1925, le Cercle Molière is a theatre company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, dedicated to promoting French-language theatre in Manitoba.

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  • Maison des Artistes Visuels Francophones

    La Maison des artistes visuels francophones is an artist centre of contemporary art that works with the francophone community in Manitoba as well as the French-speaking community at large.

  • Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain

    Since 1974, this cultural center offers diverse activities for people of all ages.

  • Winnipeg Cinematheque

    Operated by the Winnipeg Film Group, the cinematheque is the Alliance française natural partner for the annual French Cinema Festival

  • Cinemental

    Manitoba's Festival of French language Films created in 1991

  • Printemps des Poètes

  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

    the Alliance française is partnering with Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for the Music of the Impressionnists Festival